The original South Street Band consisted of Ken Rapp on lead vocals and lead guitar, Jose Correa on bass and vocals, and John Helfrich on guitar and vocals. The guys first got together in 2010 to jam to some familiar songs, and found that they shared a common love of rock and roll. They invited talented drummer and good friend Dave Gruber to join in on the fun. Dave brought a whole new set of rhythms to the band with his intricate ear for the strong center of a song, but additionally, marvelous fills that complimented the guitars, vocals, and bass. The band was up and running, but they still felt like something was missing.

As luck would have it, in early 2012, Dave and his wife spotted a unique vocal talent, Carol Bracken, who was singing at a local Italian restaurant/bar. Dave invited Carol to bring her amazing voice (and keyboards, too) to one of the band's practices, and Carol's raspy rock vocals added an instant spark that transformed the band into the powerhouse it is today.

The pandemic of 2020 brought upon an unexpected hiatus, along with changes to the band lineup due to geographic relocation.  But the show must go on, and the band welcomed bassist Rich Hamel to the SSB family in Spring 2021!

Today, the band prides themselves on their unique mix of rock music which truly sets them apart from other cover bands. Their vast rotating setlist includes both classic hits that everyone knows and loves as well as some incredible deep cuts that will have you singing, dancing and begging for more!  


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